Frost Science Center – Miami

I’m grateful to have been dispatched to Miami and escape the Brooklyn winter.  This project was photographed for two clients; Potion Design and RAA.

Frost-Museum-0001-LowResThe colored circles on the dance floor are triggered when feet touch the surface.  We had people represented by both clients run back and forth triggering the cirlces.  Below you’ll see one of the nine photographs that were composited just for the dance floor.


Here’s another view of the space this time with some kids triggering the dance floor.



Author: Peter Dressel Photography

New York based interior photographer Peter Dressel is as passionate about New York City as he is about photography. Two years after receiving a camera for his birthday he moved to New York to pursue a career as a photographer where he has specialized in interior photography for interior designers, architects. builders, developers and hospitality clients in New York. His personal work includes projects in Uganda, Vietnam, Ecuador and India. He currently lives in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.

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