Take the M Train


Another photograph from my ongoing Bushwick project.  I really love shooting at night. There is something so other worldy about the way light is and the effect the long exposures have on the photographs.

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Black and White

This is another shot made for Toll Brothers.  This  view, overlooking Chelsea, is from the 16th floor of a residential building still under construction.  The client will get the color version of this shot.  The black and white is for me.


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Eye of the Beholder

At first glance this scene doesn’t seem like something worth photographing.  I think it’s beautiful, especially in black and white.

TB-55W17-UNIT-701 -MBR-0337

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New York Landscape

This urban landscape was shot from a friend’s terrace on the west side of Midtown.  I love the geometry of this photograph.  While there were lots of great views of great architecture from this terrace, the best photograph was the one where the terrace itself was an integral part of the composition.


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The High Line at Night

I shot this photograph of the High Line at night when there wasn’t anyone there.  It’s kind of surrealistic at night  with no people to give it context.


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