BANDIER’s 5th Ave store in Manhattan.


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Higher Learning

The client for this photograph is Wilk Marketing Communications.  The architect of this space is BBS Architects, Landscape Architects and Engineers.  Having the students in there really makes the shot.  Thank God they were so patient with us.  There was a lot of wait time between shots as we got the room set up to be photographed.


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From The Highline

This was shot from The Highline looking down 15th St.   I love the way the red bricks contrast with the two blue horizontal lines on the railing and the bridge conntecting the buildings.


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Black and White

This is another shot made for Toll Brothers.  This  view, overlooking Chelsea, is from the 16th floor of a residential building still under construction.  The client will get the color version of this shot.  The black and white is for me.


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Eye of the Beholder

At first glance this scene doesn’t seem like something worth photographing.  I think it’s beautiful, especially in black and white.

TB-55W17-UNIT-701 -MBR-0337

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