A Space Without Art

This beautiful Manhattan interior was designed by architect Joel Sanders for GLSEN a non-profit championing LGBTQ issues in K-12 education.

This shoot presented a frequent problem.  The space is ready to be photographed but the artwork has yet to come in.  Most of the time the easiest thing to do is wait.  That wasn’t an option in this case.

We knew that one wall would have a mural of hands joining, symbolizing GLSEN’s values, and another a collage of LGBTQ pioneers.

Both pieces of art had to be created from scratch after the shoot and applied to the walls at multiple angles in Photoshop.



2 Without Art


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View from Above

Architects Joel Sanders and Greg Epstein with staff in Little Italy September 2016



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Now you see it. Now you don’t


This was shot for New York architect Joel Sanders.  Using an animated GIF was a great way to show the versatility of the space while maintaning the great interior design.

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