Black and White

This is another shot made for Toll Brothers.  This  view, overlooking Chelsea, is from the 16th floor of a residential building still under construction.  The client will get the color version of this shot.  The black and white is for me.


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Eye of the Beholder

At first glance this scene doesn’t seem like something worth photographing.  I think it’s beautiful, especially in black and white.

TB-55W17-UNIT-701 -MBR-0337

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New York Landscape

This urban landscape was shot from a friend’s terrace on the west side of Midtown.  I love the geometry of this photograph.  While there were lots of great views of great architecture from this terrace, the best photograph was the one where the terrace itself was an integral part of the composition.


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Blue Green and Blur

This Wall Street interior was shot for one of my best clients Legacy Builders


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Twenty Two Faces

I love this New York kitchen I shot for Sason Builders. Especially the plates on the back wall


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Brooklyn Cafe

Currant Cafe is in Bushwick Brooklyn.  My favorite thing about this shot is the two people sitting at the table.  They were just there and I asked if they wouldn’t mind staying there while I took the shot.  It’s amazing how the color of the clothing and the woman’s hair work with the rest of the space.


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